Telemarkclub Sonthofen – Blaichach e.V.

Dear telemarkers,

time is getting on and the new season draws nearer and nearer. The 1996 / 97 season ended well, and a sad farewell was said to colonel cooper who has now left the Allgäu, we, Paul Boag and Lucky Hehl are still here and intend to take over where Colonel Cooper left off.

The '96/'97 season much went on, we would meet on the Fellhorn and Nebelhorn, we travelled to Cortina and Livigno in Italy taking part in Telemarkfestivals, racing highlights were the German championships in Garmisch and the Telemark world championship in Switzerland, we intend to continue and better the organisation year.

The club FREEHEELERS invite you to join the passion of telemarking ranging from the popular sport to the promotion of racing and of course the freedom of touring. We are planig für the coming season a monthly meetings on the Fellhorn (a no pressure attendance) where we can simply ski together, we would also like to organize a monthly ski tour of course on Telemark skis.

This year we intend to put together an Allgäu Telemark festival hopefully you can come along. For the racesrs within the club the opportunity to gather and train together, and to travel and race.

As you can see the will is there to organize a proper club but it will only be successfully with you. If you would like to join please fill in the attached form application signed and date with a membership fee of 49,--DM, that's not to much, is it?

So that we don't loss contact we are thinking about a summer glacier ski day or tow, contact the shop beginning October time. The monthly meetings on the Fellhorn will be on the second Sanday of every month, as long as the season last, we will be skiing on the large slopes (Kanzelwand, Fellhorn) in the morning then meeting in the Adlerhorst at lunch time, this is jst free skiing with friends. Every fourth Sunday at 08:30 am meet at RAD & SPORT IN BLAUCHACH where by a tour can be organized. Of course every good club depends on good communications, and the shop (RAD & SPORT IN BLAICHACH) will be the clubs centre for enquires and, administration, where there will always be someone there to answer your questions (in broken English). We look forward tu your application and we hope to see you regularly at the meetings.

Ferse Freitag

Paul & Lucky


1. Telemarking is Freedom.

2. Telemarking is personnel expression.

3. Telemarking is only done by the bold.

4. Telemarking is done by people who love to skiing.

5. Telemarking is a new feeling ever time.

6. Telemarking is do not care what other people think.

7. Telemarking is deep powder surfing.

8. Telemarking is on piste, powder, and touring.

9. Telemarking is the true form of skiing.

10. Telemarking is about you.

11. Telemarking do not read ski books.

12. Telemarking comes from the inside.

13. Telemarking fall over, and they do not care.

14. Telemarking only ski with nice (crazy) people

15. Telemarking is not about fashion

16. Telemarking happens to people who are bored with Alpine

17. Telemarking do parallel turns, sometimes

18. Telemarking is a place in Norway

19. Telemarking are not Langlaufers on the piste

20. Telemarking opens the mind